Fire Restoration in Tampa – Lisa’s son, Tony, will be home later today from a business trip across the country. He called last week and begged Lisa to make his favorite meal: Garlic Shrimp Linguine. After a quick trip to the grocery store for the ingredients, Lisa decides to get started cooking, so it’s ready to serve when Tony arrives. She’s made this a dozen times, so she feels pretty confident in the kitchen.

While the pasta is boiling, she begins adding the butter, wine, and shrimp to a saucepan. She gets a phone call from her sister, Donna, who wants to discuss their upcoming trip to Greece in the Spring. Lisa steps onto the lanai to talk to Donna, leaving the stove unattended.


Deep in conversation about the architecture of Santorini, something catches Lisa’s eye in the kitchen, and suddenly she frantically remembers, “the stove is on!”

She rushes in to find flames in the saucepan and water boiling over. She gingerly grabs the pan by the handle and carries it to the sink as she reaches over to turn the facet on… FOOSH.

A sudden heatwave hits her face, and Lisa is knocked off her feet. The flame goes higher, touching the ceiling and fanning out like an umbrella over her head. Before she can react to the fire, the flames suddenly get smaller. She managed to put the small fire out, but now her sink and ceiling have suffered damage.


Tony arrives to find the Tampa Fire Rescue in Lisa’s kitchen, and he is just relieved to see his mother is okay. She tells Tony what happened and apologizes that the Garlic Shrimp Linguine is ruined. Once the firefighters complete their inspection of the kitchen to ensure she and Tony are no longer in danger, they advise she get in touch with her homeowner insurance company and file a claim.

Tony quickly suggests before doing so, that Lisa calls Advantage Restoration and Contracting in Plant City. They dial Jason Jones, and within the hour, he has arrived. He takes photos of the kitchen to document the fire damages and reminds Lisa of a couple of things.


  1. Never leave the stove unattended. If you must leave the room, turn the burners off first.
  2. Do not pick up a flaming hot pan. Lisa could have splashed the contents on her, causing severe burns.
  3. Water and oil do not mix. The water vaporizes into steam from the heat, forcing the fire upwards, which led to the massive flames. All kitchens should have a fire extinguisher on hand for small fires. If the flame is large, evacuate the house and dial 911.

Jason walks Lisa and Tony through the fire damage assessment and calls her insurance adjuster to provide Lisa with the fastest fire restoration service possible. Once approved by the insurance company, Jason and his team move in to deodorize the home and replace the ceiling’s damaged portion. The team also removes the soot from Lisa’s sink and discards the unsalvageable cookware. Lisa is relieved that Advantage Restoration talked to the insurance company, so she could focus on seeing her son.

Within a few days, the fire damage services are complete, and Lisa and Tony can enjoy their kitchen again. Lisa learned a big lesson from this experience, but she is glad the damage wasn’t worse and that she wasn’t severely burned or worse- killed. She knows now not to take phone calls while cooking, and she now has a fire extinguisher under her sink, just in case.


While fire damage can be some of the most destructive, rest assured that your local restoration company can perform fire restoration services, guiding you through the process with 15 years of industry experience. When Advantage Restoration and Contracting is complete, they’ll be no trace of damage. Need help? Call today.