How To Treat Smoke Odors

Experiencing smoke odor? For those who use tobacco products, they may not notice the lingering smoke odors that hang around in the air and stubbornly invade porous materials such as carpet, upholstery, fabrics and more.

For non-smokers, those lingering smoke odors are a nuisance, and many valuable hours have fruitlessly been spent on attempting to remove them.

Smoke odors from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are tough to remove because microscopic smoke odor particulates embed onto and into everything. Over time, these carcinogenic residues release odors.

These steps will help eliminate, and may totally eliminate, odors from tobacco products, depending on how much time and effort is spent on restoring surfaces back to pre-smoke condition.


Fresh air brought into a home or building naturally helps remove foul odors from the air. Keeping the furnace and A/C filter clean is important.


Thorough cleaning and washing of surfaces is an important process. If you can launder items, that will flush out residues. Using detergent helps the water you use for cleaning to penetrate surfaces, which means better cleaning.


Open containers of baking soda or charcoal are known to absorb malodors, so having them in your home will help.

Be sure to refresh them by mixing or replacing every few days. There are professional grade absorption products you might obtain from a cleaning and restoration supply house.


After cleaning, applying a smoke odor deodorizer will help destroy more odor-causing residues that you might have missed.


Ideally for surfaces that you can paint or seal, this will lock in odors from tobacco products. Painted walls will hold residues that cleaning may not penetrate deep enough to remove.

Smoke Odor Treatment: Ozone

One complete and proven method for removing smoke odors from any source (once cleaned) is by using ozone.

Ozone machines remove odors by chemically changing the structure of odor-causing molecules, oxidizing them and destroying them so no more odors are released.

However, ozone can be dangerous if used in occupied spaces, so be sure to do your research and be completely safe if you choose to use this option to remove smoke odors.

Most ozone treatments are handled by professional restoration companies, although you can buy or rent small units.

Get help

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