Water Damage Restoration Company Near Me – Temperatures are dropping across Central Florida and Lee, who lives in Thonotosassa, feels accomplished that he marked everything off of his to-do list before the cold front hit Thonotosassa.

He knows Florida’s cold temperatures will only last for a few days, but it’s finally cold enough to use the fireplace.

Lee picked up firewood and he made a pot of his award-winning chili.

After a bowl of chili, Lee fell asleep in front of the TV. He suddenly hears popping, like a car backfiring. Lee ignores it but now he hears gushing water.

Lee stumbles into the kitchen and feels the floor is wet beneath his feet. He realizes a pipe has burst due to the drop in temperature.

Frantically, Lee turns off the main water supply, but it’s too late – the kitchen floor is flooded and Lee begins rubbing his head in frustration.

It’s 1AM on a Saturday morning, who is going to clean this up? Lee does a quick Google search for a Water Damage Restoration company near Thonotosassa open 24 hours.

Water Damage Restoration Company Near Me

Lee discovers Advantage Restoration & Contracting is not only highly-rated but has 15 years of experience and can not only complete a water damage assessment but can also make any flooring or drywall repairs that are required.

Lee calls Advantage Restoration and Jason Jones arrives within the hour.

Jason draws on his 15 years of experience to confirm the pipe ruptured due to the cold temperatures.

Jason completed a damage assessment and walks Lee through the next steps.

How To Clean-Up Water Damage

1- Clean up the area affected by water damage and extract water.

2- Install specialized dryers to dry up the moisture and,

3- Replace any flooring that is warped or permanently damaged due to the water.

Jason shares with Lee that water damage may lead to mold, but comforts Lee when Jason says Advantage Restoration is skilled in mold mitigation.

Advantage Restoration completes the work in a few days and Lee says he can’t even tell that the floor was ever damaged.