water damage

Many of your damaged papers are usually in the basement or other storage areas, and jare exposed to moisture, a broken pipe, flooding from storms, or a failure of your sump pump. Water damage can come from many sources. Therefore, when that happens, it’s time to dry everything out, and that’s not always easy.

Damaged Papers? Here’s What To Do!

The first step is to wipe off and remove as much excess water that you can, without damaging the paper.

For example, loose papers, such as documents, lay them out individually on absorbent cloths and then carefully blot. If using paper towels, make sure they are pure white, with no color print on them. Loose papers are fairly straightforward to dry. Some air movement from a small fan can help the drying process. After drying, you can compress the papers to flatten them out.

For books, very carefully open the covers of each book, and stand your books upright on a stack of several, absorbent pure white paper towels. Place several layers of absorbent towels inside the covers, and gently close them. Allow the towels to pull moisture from the pages; replace them as they get wet, checking frequently. Keep the book on its side as you do this.

What if you have many books or documents, and they are valuable and must be saved and you don’t have the ability to do it yourself? That’s when it’s time to get some professional help.
It’s now time to contact your favorite disaster restoration company for help. After all, it pays to call a pro!