Weather Safety Tips: Getting Ready For Bad Weather

Weather safety is crucial for many people across the country due to change in weather patterns. Especially changes from warmer weather to colder weather which brings intrusion of wind, rain, and more.

What does that involve? One would be weatherproofing, which means you are proactive in protecting your home from suffering from damage. Even a small freezing-cold draft entering a home and affecting a pipe can freeze it and cause it to burst, resulting in a water damage situation.

Here are some easy weather safety tips to ensure you not only save money on your gas or electric bill but also minimize the risk of damage to your home in very cold weather.

1. Inspection

This means start looking for openings — any openings — in your home that can allow air or water intrusion.

For air intrusion, check around doors and windows, and this is pretty easy if you just hold a facial tissue up around potential cracks and crevices. If there is any type of air leak, the tissue move and show that.

For possible water intrusion, look for water stains in basements, around windows, any place that seems possible for water to enter your home. Plug any openings you find with quality materials.

2. Filters and vents

You want the maximum efficiency from your furnace system so change all filters on a regular basis, usually monthly.

Now might be a good time for a professional inspection of your duct work and having the ducts cleaned, if they are soiled.

3. Replace old weatherproofing

All your doors and windows should have weatherproofing material. With time and weather factors, these weatherproofing strips can and will age and become brittle and fail.

Purchase quality replacement weatherproofing materials and replace them if you notice they are not providing an air-tight seal. It’s not a bad idea to replace them every few years no matter how they appear.

4. Prevent to protect

With a thorough inspection and a little work on your home, you can prevent issues from arising during cold weather. Spend the time to do it right.

For any issues the change in weather might cause, give us a call!

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