Water Damage in South Tampa – Crystal’s got a to-do list of some errands to complete in her South Tampa neighborhood. She loads the dishwasher and sets it to run while she is out and about. She figures she will be back in about three hours, just in time to empty the dishwasher before her friends come over for a girls’ night.

She returns a few hours later with groceries in hand and WHAM- she slips on the kitchen floor. Confused by the fall, Crystal realizes she is sitting in water, only to discover the dishwasher has flooded her kitchen. She turns the dishwasher off, grabs a mop and gets to work trying to sop up as much water as possible. She sees the water pooling on her wood floors and decides she needs the expert help of a water damage mitigation company near Tampa, Florida.

She calls her neighbors, Bill and Jen, asking if they can recommend a water damage specialist near Tampa. Jen recommends Advantage Restoration and Contracting. When she and Bill had water damage in their bathroom, Advantage Restoration owner Jason Jones and his team of experts came out the same day to complete a water damage assessment. Crystal calls another friend also asking for a recommendation and when Mark also recommended Advantage Restoration and Contracting, she knew Jones was the one to call.

Water Damage in South Tampa – Advantage Restoration

Jason Jones arrived within the hour and completed a water damage assessment, only to find worn gaskets. Inspecting the floors, he tells Crystal his team will mitigate the water damage using special techniques and equipment made for wood floors. He knows wood floor replacement can be costly and reassures Crystal if the team acts quickly, she can avoid replacing the floor, mold, and more. Advantage Restoration and Contracting will work with Crystal’s home insurance should floor replacement or another extensive damage is found.

After three days of drying, Advantage Restoration and Contracting found high moisture levels in the side panel of the adjacent cabinet and the toe kick. The team decides to replace the side panel and the toe kick but continues with the drying process on the flooring. Within four days, the kitchen was dried out and back to normal. Jason tells Crystal if she would have delayed in calling or tried to dry it herself, it was likely she would have seen warping in her flooring and possibly mold in the side panel and toe kick. He advises her to get the dishwasher gasket replaced and do not run the dishwasher unless she is home to stop it at the first sign of trouble. Crystal decides she will now inspect the gasket for signs of wear and twice a year, remove the kick plate at the front of the dishwasher and inspect the space with a flashlight for leaks.

Crystal invites her neighbors over for dinner and the group is surprised the damage to Crystal’s kitchen wasn’t more extensive. For water damage mitigation, fire damage remediation or mold remediation in Tampa, Advantage Restoration and Contracting are the ones the call. With 15 years of experience, Advantage Restoration and Contracting is an Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification certified firm for water Damage Restoration, Applied Structural Drying, Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration, a Florida state Certified Mold Remediator and Certified building contractor. Call today at 813.757.0717.