Mold Remediation in Plant City – How Advantage Restoration Saved Carmen’s Birthday Weekend.

It’s Carmen’s birthday next weekend and her friends will be staying in the guest room. She decides to change the bedding, tidy up the room, and give the guest bathroom a once over.

She picks up the bathroom mat to sweep and mop the floors when she finds a greenish-brown slime on the wall behind the door.

Sign of Mold Growth: Moisture

She hasn’t had guests in this bathroom in a few months, so she is concerned when she finds mold behind the door.

“How long has this been here?” Carmen wonders. She quickly looks around the room for any other signs of mold. When she pulls the shower curtain back, she sees mold in the grout and in the corners of the tub.

She has allergies, and her husband George suffers from asthma. Carmen knows if she tries to clean the mold herself, the spores could become airborne and impact her and George’s health.

Due to the microscopic size, a square foot of wall can have over 3,000 million mold spores.

Carmen remembers her friend Monica talking about a mold mitigation company last week at lunch. She calls Monica to learn more, hoping the company can help before her guests arrive.

Trustworthy Mold Mitigation Company

“When I had mold in my bathroom, I called Advantage Restoration and Contracting,” said Monica. “Advantage has an A+ rating with the BBB and the owner, Jason Jones, has over 15 years of experience. Stacey Jeffcoat answered my questions before Jason and the team came out to the house for the mold damage assessment.”

With Monica’s referral, Carmen calls Advantage and tells Stacey what she found in the bathroom. Stacey reassures Carmen not to be embarrassed, Florida is humid and mold is a consequence. Stacey shares with Carmen that Jason will arrive shortly to complete the mold damage assessment.

Jason arrives and walks Carmen and George through the Mold Remediation Plan. Jason explains the cost of the cleanup and reassures them that undergoing the mold mitigation process now will not only prevent them from getting sick but will also keep the mold from spreading, creating more damage to their home.

Mold Remediation in Plant City: 4 Step Process

  • Advantage Restoration will use products made to inhibit mold growth to clean the bathroom tile
  • Advantage Restoration will remove and replace the damaged drywall.
  • The team will also stop the mold from spreading into the guest bedroom.
  • Advantage will dehumidify & purify the air of mold spores and humidity.

Advantage Restoration completes the work and Carmen is excited to welcome her house guests to enjoy birthday celebrations.

If you’re in need of a fire, water, or mold remediation company to repair your home, call Advantage Restoration & Contracting at 813-757-0717.